Living on an 8-lane motorway (highway for the Americans….*cough* Mandy *cough*) was not one of my better decisions. The amount of absolute wankers attaching exhausts similar to the cirumference of a dustbin onto their shite wee cars is ridiculous.

My feet are toasty OM NOM NOM NOM.

I am carefully debating certain situations. I have a birthday (specifically mine) approaching quite soon. Such occassions usually warrant a small/medium sized cash influx which can be used in order for general cultural learnings. Now, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I fucking love Latvia (insert sarcastic voice here). I was thinking I may use this argent in order to finance a small trip to Latvija in the near future. Bah, je ne sais pas…..mais je danse

Io non sono dedicato a te…vorrei fermare tutti. Non ho il tempo.

We’ll resurrect Italian. It’s been a while.

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